Important trends in SEO and Content Marketing in 2020

COVID-19 has changed the entire global economy and customer preferences, and the companies are still struggling to recover. Just as every crisis has a positive aspect, if only you look for one, this pandemic can also have some positive side. Let us see if it can aid in brand recognition.

What is the trend these days in web marketing and SEO? It is not hard to tell that the internet is changing frequently and that the businesses need to change their strategy according to the situation more often. Precisely, if you want to compete with all the big giants, then readers and Google, price, media form, credibility and target audience all come into the big picture.

SEO content writing services

Constructing content is an art and the internet receives tons of posts per minute is broader than you can imagine. Yeah, it is definitely a hardcore reality, too. The terms of content are not as it was a couple of years ago; there is a lot of difference. Moreover, some of these trending factors will bring in some more clarity and help you understand the esthetics behind the SEO content writing services.

  1. Go ahead superficial contents

We are seeing brands leaving behind shallow content in favor of blogs and articles exploring the depths of a topic. Which means that more and more blogs are being detailed, investigated extensively every day. If you search something on SERP, you will get millions of results, but few will stand out from the rest because of its uniqueness.

  1. Content creation is important

More brands than ever invest in content creation that processes to produce the best-of-the-best content. According to the 2019 B2C report by the Content Marketing Institute, 56 per cent of content marketers have increased their investment in content creation in the last 1 year. However, the scenario looks much different now; here are some of the factors that bring in the change.

  • The study of keywords and subjects
  • Considering what should be done
  • Multichannel publishing and promotion of the content
  • Material published
  • Optimization
  • Editing
  • Build animations, pull screenshots or exploit the content in multimedia format
  1. Build Customer loyalty and transparency

Almost 90 per cent of consumers believe that authenticity matters for the products they want and endorse, according to a renowned survey. Many advertisers are aware of this phenomenon and want to be the authentic voice that people crave. 92 per cent of marketers believe that the content they create is oozing authenticity; however, the story is completely different from the consumer. The authenticity and trust requires three things

  • Unique content
  • Unique Content
  • Unique Content

However, when brands get authenticity right, the rewards can be long-term. Here is what people have to say about authentic content.

  • 52% would recommend the brand to others
  • 49% would give the brand their loyalty
content writing services

When advertisers are still wrong about their content’s credibility, how do they overcome their overconfidence and reach out the next time? Brands who understand what credibility details will ultimately offer an authentic option. If it is challenging to come across a reliable source for SEO content writing services, this might help.

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Three Signs that Confirm Your Digital Marketing Strategy has Missed the Target

Before we start, let me ask you a question.

When did you last audit your digital marketing strategy?

This month?


In the last six months?


Last year?

Never mind.

When you fail to see your digital marketing strategies generating a buzz in your targeted audience base, it could mean only one thing. Your digital marketing strategy is falling flat, and you need to update them immediately.

We understand that it is easier said than done. Usually, a full audit of marketing strategy requires some knowledge and time to determine what is working and what isn’t. In reality, without the understanding of the key metrics, it could be hard to track the bugs. In some cases, you might find your campaigns generating revenues – but are they performing at its best? You may never know until you get the entire picture from the metric data.

For a small business owner tracking the metric data could be a difficult task. But, instead of searching, ‘the best digital marketing agency near me,’ to find the glitches in your digital marketing campaign, look out for the following signs for trouble. These signs can indicate whether your digital marketing campaign is hitting or missing the mark. Let’s look at them one by one:

  1. No relationship between traffic and conversion

Scenario a: The website has high traffic, but low conversion

Scenario b: Website gets lower traffic, but the rate of conversion is on the greater

Among the given scenarios, most entrepreneurs would choose the second one over and over again. As a marketer, you want your website to pull consumers who make the purchase, not just visit the page. In this situation, you have to realise that your digital marketing policy is flawed and needs to be revised.

Just traffic cannot help you in reaching your growth goals. In reality, website traffic is only a part of a digital marketing campaign, but not the entirety of it.

What can you do about it?

For starters, take the help of Google Analytics. The tool can be used for tracking conversions and return of investment (ROI), finding out what is working and what is not.

  1. No traffic on the website

Previously, we discussed the situation where the campaign receives too much traffic and no conversion. However, not getting any traffic for the website can also be fatal for the promotions. Without traffic, you cannot sell your product/brand. Unfortunately, each platform has its own rule and algorithm for evaluating the content, and you need to run the entire thing accordingly to generate traffic.

What can you do about it?

Since each platform evaluates the content differently, to attract the visitors you have to modify your campaign accordingly. For starters, on Facebook try to work on the organic reach of the content, while on the Instagram pictorial content can help in making an impact. Search and learn what makes each platform tick, can create content accordingly.

  1. Not giving an adequate amount of time on the marketing strategy

All of us have compiled a half-hearted school or college project the night before the submission date.

This strategy might have worked back in the day, but now it won’t – especially for digital marketing. Experts recommend planning digital marketing strategies to create more relevant campaigns for the brand/product. It means you have to run a search for relevant keywords, take the help of content creators, develop ads that promote your campaign, etc.

What can you do?

As per the experts, running an A/B testing for the campaign could be helpful. You research the consumer taste and preferences to derive a well-formatted campaign that could be helpful for the brand.

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Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Important For Your Digital Presence

The pace of innovation and the number of resources available to marketers today is extremely incredible, to say the least. With a whopping count of few thousands companies across more than 50 different marketing categories – SEO, social media, video marketing, mobile apps, and several more, email marketing services in Kolkata is still among the most wanted one.

Email marketing is one category that is consistently performing well years after years. And there is no other reason but that for ten years long, it is the king called email marketing that has been generating the highest rate of interest for marketers. Statistics confirm that for every $1 spent, it is email marketing generates $38 in ROI and at the same time, offers marketers the broadest reach of all the channels available to them. For the same reason, despite of several other tools available to marketers, it is email marketing that walks away with the cake as far as business growth is concerned.

Here are few reasons to prove why your business needs email marketing as a channel you must not ignore.

  1. It tops social media for customer acquisition

Well, it is true that social media is an extremely important component in any business’ marketing strategy and is also an innovative channel for interacting with your target audience. It also strengthens your personal relationships with them in the long run. It is undoubtedly the first step towards conversion. But then, if it comes to converting people to followers, buyers, customers, and supporters, nothing beats email marketing.

  1. Good value for money and cost effective

Email marketing is not just easy, effective, and inexpensive, but is also something that allows every business owners to reach the largest possible consumer base. And the rate is nearly nothing per email. For a small business on a low budget, not only it is a better choice preferred over traditional marketing channel, but is also fast and the most effective customer acquisition strategy.

  1. Personal and Customizable

While dealing with email marketing, you segment your audience into segregated lists where you send a separate list of tailored email message resonating with that particular reader or segment of reader. This offers them the personalized value by addressing every individual entity. It also helps to split certain topics only for certain members of your list and eventually arrive privately in their personal inbox.

  1. Action focussed

As compared to other strategies of digital marketing, email is something that everyone is more or less familiar with. Every person who is hiring an internet marketing agency in Kolkata is aware how to check mail, reply, forward, click-through, sign-up, and buying straight by clicking. Email is transactional which can be used to direct traffic to your website and ultimately drive sales.   

  1. Measurable

Once you start tracking your email marketing using tools and software, it is easily found and checked who all are opening your mails, which links were clicked, and how many people subscribed or unsubscribed. This efficiently gives you a clear picture of how your email campaigns are performing, and hence can help to make adjustments thereby improving the overall effectiveness of the strategy as well as the business as a whole.

  1. Emails easily accessible on everyone’s mobile device

Mobile devices are the handiest technological aid we all have. Mobile phones or other mobile devices are so common that it is not a big deal to check their emails all the time. Be it in movie queue, or in the bus, or in the waiting lounge of airport, at the groceries, or anywhere – checking emails is just a click away.

Some people might assume that with the growing popularity and trend of social media marketing on multiple platforms, emails might get pushed back and be ultimately forgotten.  But to tell the truth, email marketing is here to stay as long as official and formal communication is concerned. Beyond that too, it is the typical layman’s way to commute and is exceptionally a strategy that every business must need. Ignoring the same might actually lead you to miss out on a channel that a majority of the world uses, and uses as a prime one.

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Do You Still Believe These 5 SEO Blog Writing Myths?

Blogging has been crucial for online content marketing and development. And, even with the regular updates from Google and vivid changes in the algorithm, it remains to be one of the most essential parts of online marketing strategies. Simply said, it is an essential part of any SEO campaign. Most of the time, every blog post is a new page on a website which gives an additional opportunity to rank prominently in the search engines. Moreover, it helps to drive the organic search traffic, and to be linked to the other ones that gains SEO trust. While there’s an abundance of advice you get online about the approach in SEO blog writing, unfortunately there are some myths as well.

Let’s have a look –

Traffic is only for the popular blogs

Nothing can be farther from the truth.

Alright, we give you a grain of truth in the argument because sometimes Google may give a position of privilege to some of the authentic and extremely popular sites for their authority.

But, again that is no reason to infer the above mentioned myth. Did you ever wonder how the new blogs became popular had they not get the lot of love from Google? This affirms, no matter how small or big the blog is, when done rightly (both content and SEO), there can be ample traffic from Google.

For instance, the focus on long tail keywords which are outright specific can help a lot to be in the competition and rank well. In the same line of thought, you should also discard the myth that traffic comes only to big blogs.

SEO is difficult as Google keeps changing the rules

Partially true but again, this is one of the SEO myths. Google does keep modifying the SEO updates but there is no need to feel discouraged unless you are doing it the wrong way.

If you’re doing SEO the right way, even with the changes, you will find them as little tweaks. Also, it won’t affect the page ranking adversely. There are many brands and agencies who have the practice of making shortcut like link building for ranking higher. However, the right thing is to avoid links from suspicious or spammy websites. This is similar to the wrong practice of keyword stuffing.

With clean SEO, you might need to be patient, but you can get the traffic you deserve.

Quality content with relevant and engaging blogs and right focus keyword is loved by Google.

Keywords are no longer relevant

In the earlier days, it was easy to get Google’s attention by stuffing a lot of keywords here, there and everywhere in the content. This worked as an inkling for Google about the post but it is no longer the best practice. This is all the more essential to understand because AI and ML are here to stay and Google changed its priorities to best serve humans vs. bots.

Keywords work as vital clues for search engines and will fail to operate effectively if they do not get it.

This is why you need the experts of the SEO blog writing who would not stuff the content with the keywords but strategically place them within the content.

You must also get away with one of the other SEO myths that it will go wrong if placed in the header.

It’s always the best practice to put the focus keyword in the URL, page title and meta description. This helps the search engines to understand what the page is really about.

Guest blogging is not effective anymore

While this is partially true, if you use this technique as a shortcut. This is because Google understands your intent and you are not allowed to try anything silly with Google. There’s always high value for a clean, good post on a relevant topic which is both engaging and entertaining. When the right kind of posting is done, it will work for every brands and sites.

Guest Blogging

Google will discover the new post on its own

Although it can work for well-established brands , this is not the case with the small or medium sized brands who are immersed in a lot of noise. There has to have merit to get Google’s attention. Also, you have to get experts working on it where they can try something like Google Search Console. It, most importantly, can keep Google in the loop about every new post and every page on the blog or website.

Once the Google Search Console is set up, you need to verify and connect with the Google Analytics, while also adding the XML sitemap. This tool helps in pointing the errors which needs to be fixed in addition to alerting Google of new content on your website. Discard the myth that the search engine will discover the blog posts on your own, instead you need to be proactive in dealing with Google.

Summing up

You need to get the basics of the SEO right. There are a few fundamentally important things that should be in your SEO strategy apart from implementing the new methodologies. There are plenty of instances where Goggle punishes websites if you don’t follow SEO in its basic principles. It is, thus, best, to remain steer clear of these myths and focus on the latest trends that are might not work as magic tricks but will yield result in the long run.

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How to write SEO content that works in 2020?

Talking about strategies of search engine optimization, there is no website or business that doesn’t need them. If you are looking forward to make your website to Google’s coveted first page, you must learn how to stand out amidst your competitors.

The point is to make your pages rank higher, and to do that, start with the right SEO. Among all the digital methodologies that work to make your business grow, SEO content is the king. To know about it and to keep yourself updated every day, is a tough challenge. Keeping in mind that Google search is evolving consistently and constantly, the trick is to keep up with the pace and to ensure that you are doing the right things.

To begin with, let’s find out how to write for SEO in 2020.

2020 in SEO content is all about mastering new and exciting opportunities to make your content reachable to a wider audience. As per the last algorithm update by Google, it was not surprising that the search engine giant had prioritized audience-focused content.

The year 2020 in technical SEO Content writing has so far been about putting the user first by creating value-rich content. To make it further effective, add in AI and engaging visuals to have the perfect cocktail for a content that is worth every click.

Tips to create the best SEO content for the year that is running and the years to come:

  1. Ideal Client Avatar

The concept of ICA or Ideal Client Avatar often gets overlooked when it comes to content creation. If you want to create content that would directly interact with your target audience, it is important to figure out who they are, what they are looking up for reading, and what their online search is briefly about.  This is crucial for not only your keyword research but also to create content that directs your readers to take action.

It is important to focus on the most favourable characteristics of your customers if you want to create an Ideal Client Avatar. To create highly-targeted content, here are few queries that you must need to answer:

  1. Struggles your audience might be facing right now
  2. Are they taking any actions to overcome these struggles?
  3. Did the solutions work? If not, why?
  4. When it comes to SEO content, what is that one thing they look for?
  5. What, in specific, are they interested in a business?

These questions can be surveyed with the use of Google Forms (or alike) and the answers can be used to inform the keywords you target. That way you can also work on your calls-to-action, and the language you use in your content.

  1. Keyword Mapping

Mapping keywords to search is an important step of content strategy that involves assigning target keywords to your desired pages and posts. In the year 2020, it is extremely important to have search intent at the front and center. This is the most effective way of content creation that finds relevance to mapped keywords.

Another important thing to consider is that you must never shoehorn a keyword into your content just because with an aim for ranking. Instead, take into account what the searchers are trying to find with a certain keyword, and create a tailored content around that.

  1. Topic Expert

In 2020, it is all about E-A-T or Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness of content. In other words, the focus must be on creating value-packed content. By value, we mean providing solution to your target audience for the things they are looking for in the web. It is a relative term, and takes a topic expert to get it right.

The best way to pen down content is by writing what you know, and that must include everything that is based on a research done well from reliable sources. At times, adding some credentials is likely to add that extra validity and trust to your audience for the content written.

  1. Guest Posting

Oftentimes, brand authority can be reached by making guest postings. It is a very effective way to attract high-quality backlinks and is successful in roping in lucrative opportunities. Look for sites with readerships that align with your target audience. Find blogs with high social following to help you generate some traffic for your brand.  It is possible that you don’t see any potential for backlinks, but don’t miss out on that.

Hire a ghostwriter who would write expert-level content with the ability to uplift your brand on the map. It must also help you establish you as an authority within your space. Trust us, this has much bigger possibility to generate massive returns, sometimes even better ones that you might get from backlinks.

  1. Multi-Channel Approach

Omnipresence of content is the best way you can reach out to the maximum number of audience and thereby can generate the maximum buzz for your brand.  Well, we ourselves are present everywhere right – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and where not.

It is not possible for any team to work round the clock for circulating content. But then, there are some content marketing strategies that can be followed:

  1. Reduce: Break dense content into bite-size chunks easy to market across multiple channels.
  2. Re-purpose: Reuse of the same piece of content on different platforms.
  3. Re-cycle: Give a revamp to your old content to share with a new audience.
  1. High-Quality Visuals

2020 is the year that welcomes stepping up your image game with the right use of custom graphics, photos, and videos to your content. Not only for the engagement it provides, but the possible consequences for sourcing images from the web is also an added advantage and reason why you must utilize this element.

Go for custom images or photos even if it costs you some extra moolah. Go for outsourcing from affordable graphic design from paid sites, or find designers to do the needful. No wonder, the benefits of using SEO-friendly images are well documented.

  1. Content Optimization Tools

Well, a professional content writer always counts to create search engine optimized content. But even if you don’t hire content writers, you can fill in the gaps with content tools that help with better content and a much organized way to create optimized content in the desired way.

Tools like Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, and others are the best to ensure that your content is user-friendly, engaging, and worth getting visitors’ clicks. While these are best for SEO professionals, SEO content writers can use Surfer SEO, Text Tools, and/or PageOptimizer Pro to ensure that you create content that are keyword-rich and optimized.

These content tools are extra-beneficial when it comes to writing audience-friendly content that would rank and score good in traffic on Google.

  1. Audience Input and Feedback

The benefits of value-based content or audience-focused content are known to the SEO pros.  An essential part of content writing process is collecting relevant inputs from target audience. It can be done by audience surveys and other ways. The questions that can be included in these surveys include blog post topics they find interesting, the products they like, trends they follow, posts they react and share, and so on.

Conducting surveys does include the use of Google Forms and social media surveys to find out the preference of your audience. You would like to figure out how they like the published content and what suggestions they might have for the future. This helps to find out what posts they consider valuable and whether or not you fit their standard. This is the most humbling approach to ensure that you are providing content that satisfy your readers, and not just what you think they would read.

  1. Trending Topics

Isn’t it frustrating to try and rank for a competitive keyword, only to be squeezed out of the SERPs by high-authority sites? But then, can you outrank big-name sites some other ways? Well, you can. Ride the wave of trending topics.

The trick is to stay on top latest trends and to create content, targeting each of those high-traffic keywords. This can be the perfect way to outrank even the biggest sites that are competing with the same keywords.

Trends tend to be short-lived, and that is the reason why you may not generate long-term traffic through this approach. However, trends do ensure a surge in traffic overnight. The key is to put a twist on a trend to make it relevant to your niche and audience. Some of the examples include:

  • Lawyer: You may review a contract meant for a new NFL player’s where you discuss the importance of contract law.
  • Writers: Pen down an article on “how to break the internet” with enough marketing strategies followed by Kim Kardashian’s Paper cover.
  • Marketers: Post about some hit commercials that can teach about marketing.
  • Travel bloggers: How about posting a travel guide with information on coronavirus advisory that helps people stay safe while travelling.

Upon saying that, it is advisable to mention that it is better to refrain from making posts on political or controversial topics (unless it is directly relevant to your brand). Doing so, you may end up in risk involving unnecessary involvement of your audience with negative reactions.

  1. Email List

There are several ways that help email marketing to intensify your SEO results. That includes ability to supplement evergreen post traffic on autopilot. By growing and engaging your email list, you can direct your users towards new content on your site through email automation tools.

Among the most popular ones are Convert Kit and Mailchimp that can successfully help you grow your email list and can also generate more traffic and leads. Another great advantage of investing in email marketing is that you own your list. That means, if anything happens to your site or social media platforms, you can always remarket to your subscribers.

You can also take use of content upgrades namely free checklists, etc to make your readers subscribe. Follow with setting up an email automation platform and then hire an email copywriter to write high-converting email campaigns. This segmentation would help you to nurture set of subscribers till the point they can actually buy the offer that’s most relevant to them.


You are almost there where you know how to create your best SEO content ever this year. While it is always exciting to find what new strategies pop up in 2020 as far as content is concerned. But meanwhile, the above points are the actions to take as of now. You can apply hese data-driven strategies to our content to make the most of them.

Good luck and great going to create high-value, high-converting content that gets your website noticed online.

How to Grow Brand Awareness for Your Business?

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Digital Marketing Bringing in Customers

Constant technological advancements are helping businesses to meet consumer demands. Digital marketing and its tools like SEO, content creation and marketing, website development and design, and Social Media Optimization are helping entrepreneurs to reach out to new consumers as well as building a new consumer base. If you want to learn more about digital marketing services in Kolkata, then reach for Asia’s Most Trusted Digital Marketing Company – Carney Technologies ServicesFor more information, visit or call (+91)9163298336.

The Key is the Right Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing services, if done right, can pave the way to your brand visibility and promotion. The steps begin with defining a strategy for both informational and promotional content to promote your brand, followed by content development to convey the right message and promoting the content on right platforms to get organic links. Let Carney Technologies Services do the needful the best way. Contact them on or call at +91-9163298336 for further information.