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What is SEO skills?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the pivotal keys to successful digital marketing. SEO skills help in the proper development of a website with effectively controlling of the traffic. SEO technique is the need of the hour as it promises increased brand awareness. It also aims to augment the traffic with more visitors to a developed website. The SEO technique also demands technical calibre for the proper push of the webpage. The SEO skills work for the development of a webpage or website, while aiming the top rail of the web searches. It works with the proper keywords and the metatag words that helps in the proper creation of a webpage. The SEO skills comprise of technical skills and effluent content creation. A SEO analyst not only devices keywords but also uses various SEO tools for the proper control of the traffic. The only bridge between a business and its products is an effective SEO service.

What is your business heading toward? What are its scopes of expansion? Or What should be the next marketing strategy?

Carney Technologies Services is the solution to many such questions.

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Want to improve your organic search ranking?

To fight the tough competition, and to take your business to an organic search ranking worth noticeable on Google’s front pages, you must avail the best SEO services in Kolkata that offer you ground- breaking results in return. SEO services that prevail for start-ups, for ecommerce properties, and global as well as local SEO based results, along with ORM are the ones that can boost your business high. You can trust Carney Technologies Services with these services and more. Contact them on or call at +91-9163298336 to talk in details.

Digital Marketing Bringing in Customers

Constant technological advancements are helping businesses to meet consumer demands. Digital marketing and its tools like SEO, content creation and marketing, website development and design, and Social Media Optimization are helping entrepreneurs to reach out to new consumers as well as building a new consumer base. If you want to learn more about digital marketing services in Kolkata, then reach for Asia’s Most Trusted Digital Marketing Company – Carney Technologies ServicesFor more information, visit or call (+91)9163298336.

Three Things SEO Master Will Look Out for in 2020

Growing up, we have all seen how brands leveraged the popularity of television and radio in expanding their reach to the audience. While traditional broadcast and print is still a viable option, the buzzword for the new age audience is digital; and should you wish to survive in this competitive workspace, it has become imperative to have a societal switch to mobile devices. The ever so rising Google culture has opened up a new vista. Today, the client acquisition channels have gone leagues ahead than just the traditional advertising forms and is focusing on search engines.

Being ranked amongst the Best SEO Agency in Kolkata, Carney has in-house experts who know how SEO is far more than just developing content and putting it into websites. There is constant update in the strategies, practices, rules and procedures which has to be followed to yield the best result.  As a leading SEO firm, the expert SEO developers are well versed with the new updates and have been able to send the desired results while keeping up the dynamics and versatility of the brands.

That being said, it is equally true how the changing SEO practices are getting more and more challenging. It takes a lot to master the new techniques and the following three points are the key highlights you cannot ignore in 2020:

  • Capture User Attention Using Snippets

Rich and featured snippets that appear on the front page of the Google help users get the answers they are looking for in a fizz. This has given rise to zero-click searches and the trend is getting popular. In 2020, it is getting necessary to optimize the website information such where it will be featured with many rich snippets.

  • Use UX Design Principles for better SERP rankings

Combining UX with the best SEO practices is one of the most efficient and powerful tools. Proper X include rearranging the site structure that smoothes the navigation and places the essential information on the front.

  • Security is the priority

Security has been the most common concern for 2019 and it is going to thrive in 2020 as well. Many businesses fail to realize the integrity involved in sharing customers’ information. Monitoring for attacks is essential while understanding the how to tackle the automated web scrapers.Carney technologies services is a leading digital marketing agency in Kolkata. From web development to content creation, you can visit